Spotify Wrapped

A look back at the last year on Spotify

Daniel Quayle

12/7/20221 min read

At the end of November, Spotify dropped their Spotify Wrapped for both listeners and artists, which summarises all the streams from 1 January - 31 October into a fun little animation, and for listeners creates a playlist with all the songs you've been listening to on repeat for the last year. It's always a joy as a listener to have a look, and see what you've been enjoying, but this was my first year experiencing the artist side of things.

Technically, I did get an Artists' Wrapped last year too, but since Daybreak was the only track that was out, and it was only out in about 10 countries by the time the Wrapped stopped counting streams, I think it showed 3 streams! So imagine how exciting it was to log in and discover that our music had been streamed 94.5 thousand times, by 42.7 thousand people! A few highlights of the (admittedly geeky) stats was that our music was streamed in 131 countries - the top ones being the US, Canada, France, the UK and Brazil - and that we were added to 2151 playlists!

Playlists really do make such a massive difference to who gets to hear our music, so I really appreciate everyone who added our music to a playlist last year, and I'll also say that I regularly listen to the playlists we've been added to.

Talking of playlists, I've been working on a trad Christmas playlist, so if you have any suggestions, please let me know on Mastodon or Facebook, and I'll be sure to add them. Christmas music isn't usually something I listen to, and I'm really unaware of most of the stuff trad musicians have been doing, so if you let me know, I'll probably discover something new and inspiring in the process!