Folk Music Camp in Estonia

Elizabeth Davidson-Blythe & Daniel Quayle teaching at Rahvapillilaager Võrumaal again this year

Daniel Quayle

8/10/20221 min read

I'm really excited to be heading back to Estonia next week to teach at Rahvapillilaager Võrumaal with Elizabeth Davidson-Blythe. We taught there last year and had an absolutely amazing time, so we can't wait to get back and be part of such an amazing week again.

Rahvapillilaager Võrumaal is a folk music camp which takes place in the Võrumaa region of South Estonia every summer for one week, and welcomes 100 participants of pretty much any age. Last year they ranged from six year olds to people in their sixties!

We were absolutely overjoyed to be asked to come back again this year and teach some more Manx tunes, which we'll be arranging as part of the whole camp ensemble. We did the same thing last year with two tunes, Three Little Boats and Jerrey y Theihll (The End of the World), and I've put the video in this post too, so you can see what we got up to!

Both of us also took on some private students during the week, and as a group they all performed the tune Schottische Kerlou by the one and only Calum Stewart (video below).

If you want any more information on the camp, or want to see if there are any spaces left on this year's edition of Rahvapillilaager Võrumaal, check out the Facebook page or get in touch with Kadri Laube on +3725117348. We'd love to see you there!

As part of the Suvelõputuur 2022, our double tour with the incredible Estonian mandolin powerhouse MandoTrio, we'll be performing on 26th August at Varstu Kultuurikeskus, where the camp is taking place. Tickets are available here now.