The Coast Road - out 30th September 2022

The debut album from Elizabeth Davidson-Blythe & Daniel Quayle is being released very soon.

Daniel Quayle

8/22/20221 min read

I am absolutely delighted to announce the upcoming release of The Coast Road, the debut album from Elizabeth Davidson-Blythe & Daniel Quayle on the 30th September 2022. We've teamed up with some amazing people to create this album, and hope you'll enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it!

We'll be making some announcements over the coming weeks about the special guests who helped make this album as spectacular as possible, and about when you can preorder it, but we just couldn't wait to show you this absolutely stunning cover art, designed by Andy Heggs from Art by Volume. He did the cover designs for Daybreak and Tasmania, and we loved them so much, we couldn't possibly have got anyone else to design our album cover!

We also recorded the album in the very same studio in Tartu, Estonia where we recorded Daybreak and Tasmania - Clockwork Stuudio. Elijah Ivanov really knows how to get the absolute best recordings of us, and Silver Lepaste is a magician in the mixing room. The mastering legend that is Tony Lindgren at Fascination Street Studios in Sweden has mastered the album, and we think you'll agree he did a phenomenal job.

The Coast Road - Elizabeth Davidson-Blythe & Daniel Quayle - out 30.09.22