Behind The Coast Road: Exclusively on Spotify

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Daniel Quayle

11/22/20221 min read

So a month after the release of our debut album, The Coast Road, Elizabeth and I decided to head into a studio and record something else! A behind the scenes look at what went into writing, arranging, recording and releasing the album. It was really interesting to take a step back and think about where the tunes came from, how we came to have the guests we did on the album, why we recorded it in Estonia of all places and many more questions that came up along the way.

We didn't script anything (you can tell if you listen to it!), so we went quite deep into some things, and Elizabeth certainly didn't hold back with the questions she asked me. So, if you have a Spotify account (free or premium), take some time and listen to Behind The Coast Road.

On a technical note, if you have a Spotify Premium account, you can listen to the album between the commentary, and you'll hear the full tracks inserted into the dialogue as we go, if you have a free account, you can hear 30 seconds of each track (we don't get to choose which 30!).

If you have any other questions, do feel free to shoot them over to me on, and I'll try to get an answer back to you as quickly as I can!